I was raised in an old rural midwest home that was constantly being renovated.

Christmas gifts were typically tools and work clothes.

Before reaching my teens, I was already on a steep pitched roof laying shingles in the dark without safety gear in order to keep the snow out of my bedroom.

High School years were already filled with night, weekend, and Summer work.

By graduation I already working full-time and consistently doing side-jobs.

My formal trade education started as an apprentice electrician following in the footsteps of my father.

Although raised in the Western tradition, I have always been fasinated by martial arts and Eastern philosophy.

As a young adult, I aspired to emulate Bruce Lee, and became a first generation black-belt and eventual manager of a Tae Kwon Do school.

The discipline and rigor played well into the blue-collar work ethic I was raised with.

Having been raised in a family of not only tradesmen but also artists, I have typically gavitated toward the bespoke side of building.

Having a multi-discipline approach, I have covered several areas of expertise over the years.

This has led to an unusually high capability in both problem soving and creativity.

Life has been an adventursome journey and I have found myself helping on a wide variety of projects.

Having traveled over half a million miles, and reading over a thousand books has led to a fullfilling life.

Extraordinary circumstances have become par for the course and the resilience developed serves well in the new normal of the world.

Post COVID renovation and new direction, focus, and intention.

With modern media and needs of clients it's time to turn towards high-perfomance for health and environment.

Check out the blog for ongoing progress on projects and to learn solutions and answers to questions you may have.

Life has come full-circle but know it is time to pass on the wisdom.

Recently and in the future I teach traditional trade and woodworking skills to others.

The building industry is experiencing challenging times and we need to work together in new ways to meet those challenges.

Seeing a bigger and better future.

Looking forward to being a part functional and creative projects.

Please reach out and let me know how I can help.